Monday, June 14, 2010

TTC tidbits

I thought I would give a brief history of what we have gone through so far in this journey!

  • Fall of 2009 - Concerned because we had not yet become pregnant, I scheduled a semen analysis for my husband. I was still a rookie when it comes to most TTC things at this point, and my gynecologist told me the results were good. I did not think to ask about anything specific. During this time I also asked her if there was anything she could tell that would prevent me from having children. She said no, but did not recommend any testing.
  • February 2010 - Saw an RE for the first time. Had ultrasounds and an HSG. On one of the first ultrasounds, they spotted the corpus luteum, which shows that I ovulated. The HSG came back clear - no blockages in these tubes!
  • March 2010 - First round of Clomid (50mg) and an IUI. My husband's sample for the IUI was wonderful! 97% motility and 120 million spermies post-wash. BFN :(
  • After the IUI/Clomid cycle, we decided to go back to natural cycles.
  • May 2010 - Made an appointment with a new OBGYN. I discussed my fertility concerns with her. She tells me there are 4 main causes of infertility: male factor, blocked tubes, no ovulating and endo/pcos. We have been cleared of 3 of the 4, and I have no symptoms of endo or PCOS. She recommends me taking Metformin for a while before jumping into Clomid again.

So I am currently taking a B-Complex 100, a prenatal vitamin (from GNC) and the Metformin. This will be my second month of charting my basal body temperature. I also use Ovulation Predictor Tests to pinpoint my surge.

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