Wednesday, June 30, 2010

vicious, mind-numbing rollercoaster

*language warning!*

Well, the two online classes I am taking started on Monday. That's a great way to try to distract myself from this vicious, mind-numbing rollercoaster I seem to have gotten myself on.

I'd love to go back to being normal again, where I didn't connect everything to TTC. We have been watching Last Comic Standing, and one lady on there did some jokes about her kid like she didn't want him or some shit. I couldn't even force a smile, I was too busy plotting her death!

I've tested so far 3 times I think this cycle...? The ugliest BFNs you have ever seen. I almost WISH for an evap or something! Just something other than stark fucking white.

Sorry this is not a very fluid entry. I'm just kind of jumping around from topic to topic. I have been thinking about acupuncture. Everyone I've seen who has had it done liked it. Maybe I should? The only semi-issue is that the girl that does it here in town dated my ex after we broke up, so that could be awkward. I'm well over it, but who knows what horrible things he said about me and all that.

On a positive note, I went to Olive Garden for lunch today, and it was DELISH! I hadn't been out to eat in a while, so at least that craving has been satisfied! :)

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