Monday, March 26, 2012

Here's a hoop, now jump through it.

I've been telling Buster this past week that when it comes to trying to have a baby get and stay pregnant, I've always got a new hoop to jump through. Finances, insurance, timing, miscarriage, etc. Always something.

Oh, how I wish that first-paragraph foreshadowing was a clever trick in order to surprise you. But no.

The past two times I've heard from my clinic (via phone, which only happens on days that I have a local monitoring appointment) they haven't called me until 6:00 p.m. That was not going to fly today. So, I emailed them at 12:45 asking if they had received the results from my local clinic. I also dropped a not-so-subtle hint that I would like to be called with my results ASAP. Apparently not-so-subtleness is not my strong suit.

At 4:00 p.m. I was at home, packed and ready to go. Just waiting on my clinic.

Should we start the trip and hope for the best? It is a 6.5 hour drive after all. Or maybe we should just play it safe and wait until we hear from them. But if we do that, isn't that us just being negative? Fuck it, let's go!

So we go. We get 35 minutes out of town (where cell phone reception is shoddy at best), and my phone rings. The clinic.

Good news: my estrogen is where it needs to be at 127.

Bad news: progesterone is not quite 10.

So no transfer tomorrow.

My Prometrium has been upped to four a day. Lovely. I wasn't crazy enough on two a day.

Also, they want to see me at the clinic on Wednesday (versus me having local monitoring done that day). They can get a more accurate idea of what is going on if they do my ultrasound and blood work. My new transfer date is Thursday (for now!).

I will now be missing two days of work, and I left early today for no reason.

Plus, I was a bitch to Buster on the way back home and it turned into a fight.

The joys of assisted reproduction!


Random fun fact: remember how tomorrow is my mom's birthday? And that had to be a good omen to have a transfer on her birthday, right? Well get this: Thursday is MIL's birthday.


  1. Boooooooo! This sucks. And four prometrium a day? Quadruply sucky. I've been on that dosage and it made me want to stop living. Seriously.

    I hope things go ahead as planned on Thursday. Stay strong.

  2. Total boo except that you only lost an hour round-trip of needless driving and that transfer is still this week. So frustrating that the clinic is that far away.

    Sending good thoughts for Thursday.

  3. Yikes, as if there isn't enough going emotionally and hormonally already. Great that you've got the date now. Take a few minutes to do something just for you - make a cup of (herbal!) tea and read a mag, or listen to your fave songs for 10 mins :) Relax up for Thursday - will be thinking of you.

  4. Oh, my gosh! So frustrating. Luckily, my first IVF all went mostly as planned, except for the BFN at the end, so I'm crossing my fingers that the monitoring appointments are all pretty predicable for the 2nd. I am leaving the country, so I hope it all works out how its supposed to!

    Good luck on Thursday! :)

  5. Shit is craaaazy! Ya know when I wasnt ready for my initial transfer date and got pushed back I thought for sure it was a sign this cycle would fail but I was wrong! Cant wait for Thursday!

  6. Stupid clinic! I think the thing that got me the most about IVF was the lack of ability to pre-plan. I swear it just made my anxiety 10 times worse! I will be thinking of you and your little frosties on Thursday!! Lots of hugs and prayers headed your way my friend!

  7. Ugh, this feels so never ending and I am not even in the middle of it.
    I'm sorry this is so crazy. I am hoping the MIL's bday is a GREAT omen!!!!
    Thinking of you!

  8. Oh the joys of ART. At least they are being cautious with where your lining and levels are! It may be super annoying that they are not calling you as quickly as they should, but it sounds like they are doing their job. I am excited for the transfer!

  9. It's it nice having so many obstacles to overcome just to *try*? Ugh. I'm so very sorry. I'm glad that your transfer is still scheduled for this week and that your estrogen levels are where they need to be. Still, I'm annoyed that they are waiting so long to contact you. Boo to them. Fingers are crossed for Thursday and hoping for good news soon!

  10. It's so unpredictable and there's nothing we can do to control it, at least they are monitoring you closely to get the best possible for the transfer.

  11. I'm really sorry :-( I wish it were easier <3

  12. Sorry it's all crazy, I'll be praying for you!

  13. Oh that sucks! It is so difficult because we don't know what our bodies are going to do. I wish they would make it a little easier on you and call you sooner. Hang in there. Big hopes for Thursday!

  14. Here's hoping your levels get where there need to be and that Thursday is a go!!! Good luck with your tranfer!

  15. Hurry up and wait. Not something I think any of us will every get used to. I'm rooting for you on Thursday and hope everything goes as planned.

  16. I swear infertility is nothing but hurry up and wait.

    Fingers crossed for you.

  17. So many hoops! It sounds like you are doing natural FET? Sending good thoughts for Thursday.

  18. Ugggg! I hate the stop-start-stop-start cycle of... cycles. And 4 Prometriums? Double ugggg! Thinking of you lady, and hoping that tomorrow is the day!


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