Sunday, March 4, 2012

march photo challenge: days 3 and 4

I wasn't planning on combining days three and four into one photo. It just happened.

prompts: domestic & illuminate

illuminating my undomesticness.

I struggled a little with the "domestic" prompt. I don't really feel all that domestic. I cook some (and I'm really good at it. No, seriously!), do tons of laundry, and clean when I must. But (embarrassing admission incoming) I'm kind of a slob. There, I said it.

I hate cleaning. When I was young, we didn't have chores. Awesome life for a kid, not so awesome in the way of getting me into good habits regarding house cleaning.

I actually wish I was OCD about cleaning. I have a friend who is, and her house is always spotless. We have the kind of house that you need to call in advance before dropping by, so that I have time to get things together.

It also doesn't help that Buster is also a slob, and even worse than me. Well, in a different sort of way. My messes usually involve clothes and shoes, his involve empty coke cans and empty cigarette packs.

So in the photo above, you can obviously see a million smudges from Kelsey's nose. When Buster steps outside to smoke a cigarette, she will run to the back door and press her nose against the glass. Perhaps she is actually writing a cryptic message for him to read?

"Let me come outside with you!"

The sun was rising over the barren trees, and the smudgy glass was difficult to avoid. So, I figured my domestic could be more "undomestic".

Excuse me while I go Windex the sliding glass door...


  1. Most of my windows looks just like that, too, courtesy of the dog. Pre-baby I LOVED the dog like he was our child. And he was our child. Now, I can't give him the attention he used to get (and can't really pet his disgusting poo-coated fur when I'm holding or near the baby!). He's ok with this and things will be better when the baby is a bit bigger but right now he is 100 pounds of mess I just can't handle!

  2. Love this pic!! That is what my deck window look liks too!!!
    I love it that you are a call inadvance person, so am I!!!!!! Its hard to admit but I just don't see the point in spending all day cleaning just to mess it up!

  3. I'm seeing an "undomestic" theme among those doing the March photo challenge, including myself! At least we have company.

  4. People don't have to call before they come over my house, because I have ceased to give a *beeping* *beep* about what others think of my cleaning. That being said, I better go finish cleaning the downstairs bathroom now because my mom is coming over tomorrow to babysit.

  5. I have the same kind of house. We require an advance warning so I can shovel the mess downstairs, in closets, under beds and then close the doors to the bedrooms. When I lived on my own I was actually very tidy. Something about dealing with the mess of two humans in 3 times the square footage, though, is impossible. I have resigned to always having a messy abode. Plus, it keeps life more interesting for the cats, right? :)

  6. yep us too! Were are messy:( I really like this honesty I am seeing from everyone!!!

  7. I wish I could leave mess! As we are trying to sell at the moment I am living in a show-home, and it just doesn't feel as homey. Still when the in-laws came last weekend at least I was prepared (MIL still found dust on a head height shelf in the SPARE room AND commented!)

  8. LOL, what a great photo :D Our dogs get their slobber and nose gunk on our front windows ALL the time.
    Oh I hear ya on being a slob. I would be even more of one if it wasn't for DH.
    It's amazing that he isn't himself b/c his mom is a hoarder.

  9. Yup, messy here too. The worst part is the tumbleweeds of cat hair. He likes to pull out chunks of his hair all the time so it builds up fast.


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