Monday, October 18, 2010

fertility friend? more like fertility frenemy.

I know, I shouldn't blame Fertility Friend for my bizarre chart, odd temps, lack of crosshairs and confirmed O. But... who else can I blame?

I certainly cannot blame my puppy for having horrible diarrhea and waking me up 5 times a night during the most important temping days. She's way too sweet and pretty to blame for anything!

Did I O on CD14, or CD16? It's like a riddle. This question should have been asked in the maze in the Goblet of Fire. Yes, I went there. Harry Potter. Either way, I'm assuming I have O'd by this point. The forced BD sessions are turning brutal quickly. Last night was not very enjoyable. Buster even used the phrase "flip over, stupid," but don't think he's a mean guy! It was funny and we both laughed. We were half play-fighting, half laughing during the whole encounter.

I'm really ready to start obsessing over ICs. Maybe by the weekend...


  1. Lol...That sounds like me directing Josh. "Just flip and finish. This has gone long enough."

    I'm thinking this is your month. Doggy diarrhea, bad charts and all! :)

  2. The constant sex can really get old and to add to it, not being sure when you ovulated. Fertility Friend does have a tendency to drive one crazy I know. Hopefully this is your month and you won't have to log into the tool for much longer!

  3. Oh man, you are too funny!! Sorry this has been a weird cycle. You really deserve a BFP after all this!


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