Sunday, October 17, 2010

oh Clomid, you tricky devil!

In most of my cycles, I have O'd by now. I'm currently CD16, and my pre-O signs are still here in full force. I am on my 5th day of fertile CM and of mittelschmerz. I am assuming the Clomid has delayed my ovulation, but who knows! Maybe I geared up to O and didn't?

I realize there are definitely worse quandaries to be in. I'm just kind of ready to be in my two week wait.


  1. Kara sorry Clomid has delayed your O!! I really hope it doesn't do it for me too. Check out my new blog about ttc!!


  2. I bet you have more than one egg cooking in there!! I noticed longer pre-O signs and more pain for more days when I would have more than one egg!

  3. I hate figuring out ovulation signs and that whole bit too! Hang in there, hopefully you are ovulating!

  4. I bet you have a couple eggies in there that are getting nice and mature before they pop! Come on O!


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