Thursday, October 7, 2010

it's been ever so, ever so gray

The weather has finally broken. It was gray and dreary for a week. No sunshine. None! Don't get me wrong, I love gray. It is my favorite color. There are days when my outfit consists of 3 or more shades of gray. But the dreary weather coupled with drizzling rain left me feeling... hopeless?

I had a horrible morning. DH had a bad dream and woke up grumpy with me. Then, as I was getting ready for work, he fell back asleep on the couch and Kelsey shit on the kitchen floor. Lovely! So I'm off to work, and I stop at the convenience store (Sheetz) I stop at They know me there. Sad, right? Anyway, as I was waiting for the clerk to fix the machine that dispenses my cappuccino, my ex-ex-boyfriend walks in. We dated for 3 years back when I was 22. I broke up with him for another guy, and he has harbored feelings of animosity towards me ever since. You'd think 6 years would be enough time to get over it, right? Well not so much. He walks in and says to the clerk "Don't help her out," and keeps walking. The clerk, who obviously knows him from somewhere, laughs and then goes up to talk to him. I was going to be human and say hello and ask how he was, but he was ever-so engrossed in the conversation with the clerk. So I pay for my gum and coffee and get the hell out of there. What a douche! I'm so glad I got rid of him!

So, I get to work. Our parking lot is really narrow, so I like to back into a parking space so that when I leave it doesn't take me 20 minutes to back out of my damn spot. Well I pull up to get a proper angle for backing in, and notice there is a guy behind me on my ass. Since everyone practically backs in to the spots here, I'd assume he could see what I was doing. Apparently not. He tried to go around me from behind, which forced me to slam on my breaks as to not hit him. Perhaps he should try leaving a few minutes earlier in the mornings so he doesn't have to rush like a maniac. Jerk!

But back to the first sentence. The weather has finally broken. It is sunny and 70 degrees today. I see blue skies out my joke-of-a-window! I'm feeling hopeful and optimistic about my current cycle. I'm ready to make a baby!


  1. Hi Unaffected!
    Saw you on Kate's blog. (she is awesome, isn't she?)
    Anyhow I am also ttc... I have two dogs and one of them had a runny tummy last night. This involved a 1am cleanup and then in the morning my hubby stepped in more poop!
    Here in South Africa the weather has also finally broken here - it has been hot for so long and no rain, but this week the rain came. Even hail. Amazing.
    Anyway nice to meet you!
    Sorry about the ex. You are well rid of him.
    And good luck with the baby making adventures.

  2. Hi Heather :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog! Yes, I love Kate's blog!

    Thanks so much for the kind words. Sorry about your 1am poo cleanup! I like to think the dogs are just preparing us for our babies someday :)

    Best of luck to you as well!

  3. If it's who I think you're talking about, then yes! You are very lucky to get rid of him. Has he grown up yet? Last I heard, no and the way he acted just proved it!


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