Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's getting hot in here...

Ok, let me start out by professing my hatred for boy bands. I know, there is a picture above of a boy band. Why would I post their picture if I didn't love them? Well, because. That's why! Oh, I also hate Nelly (I think that's who sings the song referenced in my post title!).

My temperature this morning was higher than it has ever been since I've been charting. 98.08! I'm not sick, either. And I wasn't abnormally warm. Could this be a good sign? Or an evil tease? Only time will tell.

I POAS this morning, and it appeared to be a BFN. I wasn't completely convinced, so I took about a hundred photos. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything with the photos until my Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection is finished installing, which should be another 20 minutes or so.

Other than the above crap, DH and I had a big fight and then talk yesterday. He is fed up with my mood swings and bitchy behavior (as am I, truthfully). I haven't really been happy recently because I've been letting TTC dictate my moods and emotions, and it's exhausting. I have decided to start working out again, and maybe to take some beginner's yoga classes to help with stress. A great friend mentioned that yoga helped her with her control issues, which would be great for me. I'm a complete and utter control freak. It has gotten outrageously worse as the years have gone on, and it's tiring. Not to mention, I think my husband may be starting to resent me.

So, my new "make myself happy" plan begins today, with a walk at lunchtime with my co-worker. It's a beautiful fall day, sunny and 72. The sky is blue, the leaves are colorful, and I am hopeful.


  1. This is such a tease! I want to see your test LOL

  2. Yoga is a fantastic outlet. It mellow me out quite a bit.

    I totally understand being consumed by it - it's impossible not to be. As amazing as my husband is, I found that it's better to put all of my TTC frurstations into my blog. As much as we wish they could - men just don't get it - it's not their bodies dealing with physical failures every month...

    Hope your temp isn't a tease!

    Best wishes.

  3. Way to be hopeful! LOVE that! Good luck! Just added your link! Happy ICLW! (#72 & 106)

  4. I used to LOVE Nick Lachey (still do!)... I've been taking yoga inconsistently for over 10 years and in the past 2 years have been practicing religiously a couple of times a week. It's been the hugest help, mentally and physically - it centers me, calms me, brings me back down and generally makes me feel great. Def recommend it :)

  5. Yoga is great to distract yourself and to help ease some of the stress. My husband read a book called "how to make love to a plastic cup" it is written for men. He didn't love all of it but said there was some great information on how to deal with us women during this trying time.

  6. Temps are such a wild thing...I have temps all over the place, with no real explainations. Have you tried acupuncture? That is my next step to calming down and being nicer to my husband...


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