Friday, October 15, 2010

my brain's the cliff, and my heart's the bitter buffalo

Happy Friday! Today is draaaaaaaaggging by.

I love Project Runway. And I love Mondo! Random facts about me for the day.

Now let's get serious. I'm having major mittelschmerz today, so that's good! I've had some watery and some EWCM the past couple days, so I think I may O tomorrow, or maybe even today. I'm hoping that the O pain is a good sign, as I usually don't have any.

Last night we went to a friend's to watch the football game. We left at halftime, but by the time we got home is was almost 10. And because I keep the schedule of an old lady, I am usually in bed by this time. Plus, I had 5 beers (which is a lot for me!), so needless to say I was quite drowsy. But even in my sleepy-state, I knew we must BD. So I asked DH if he would "do it to me" and he agreed. So romantic, right?

But who am I kidding, romance is few and far between while TTC! Although one time last cycle I put on some lingerie just to get DH in the mood. Lucky man, right? And then last night, how could he resist my words?

I'm hoping for excellent timing this cycle. My biggest fear (ok, maybe not biggest, but a big fear) is screwing up our BD timing on a Clomid cycle. I don't want it to be a waste.

Tonight we have a big party to attend. DH's uncle is turning 70, and is having a party (for himself lol) at a downtown hotel ballroom. Should be fun! But, I fear we may be repeating our intimate encounter from last night when we get home. Oh well, it does the trick for both of us ;)


  1. I LOVE Project Runway - AND Mondo! Now don't tell me about last night - I still have it on DVR - will be watching tomorrow morning...

    I'm so impressed you have any romance. I hate to admit the last time I put on some lingerie is.... Hmmmm... Can't remember.... Crap.

    Sounds like all signs are pointing to a O for the weekend! Good luck!

  2. Get that eggie (or eggies) any way you can ;)

  3. Love reading your blogs Kara!! I hope you catch those eggies!! I wear lingerie every night, shows how desperate I am!! When it comes to ttc, I try to look my very best before and during O and after that - yoga pants it is!! :P Hope we both have good luck with our Clomid cycles!

  4. Alex - Ooooh it was such a good episode. I was a tad disappointed, but it was still really good! :) Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Lisa - Thanks sweetie, I plan to!

    Annabelle - Lol, I wear yoga pants most of the time :/ Clomid Power!! :D

  5. Mondo is my absolute favorite, too! I SOO hope he wins.

  6. Hello, thank you for joining my blog :) I love project runway and my favourite is Mondo too. I have to watch it on the internet the day after it is on in the US. they are broadcasting the previous season in the UK at the moment but I have already watched it :)
    Off to watch last night's episode :)


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