Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hormoney Granger and the Goblet of Prometrium

Thank you, hormone supplements. I love crying at the drop of a hat. Who doesn't?

Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire
Yesterday, on my way to babysit (yes, I've picked up a second "job" in order to help pay for travel and treament! And for practice!), a song came on that reduced me to tears. The lyrics practically reached out and slapped me, they hit so close to home.

Hey Henry, can you hear me?
Let me see those eyes
This distance between us
Can seem a mountain size

Buster and I have known for years that our first choice for a boy's name is Henry. We agreed on it almost instantly, and in my mind I have pictured what my little Henry will look like.He is practically a real person to me.

(How crazy do I sound right now??)

So, hearing those lyrics obviously made me think of my future son. Of me singing that stanza to him someday. Or how applicable it is now, as there is a great distance between me and my frozen babies (one of which has to be a Henry, right?).

I debated on whether or not to explain this amazing coinicidence to my husband. You know as well as I that most men just don't get it. But, I have no one else I feel comfortable enough to explain this to (other than you all, of course!), so I attempted to relay the story and amazingness to him.

I got, "Hmm, I don't know what to say. I'm not a girl, babe. I don't know what it's like to have a bunch of hormones coursing through my body, and I just can't relate like you to that. But I love you very much!"

Cue more tears.


He did redeem himself by messaging me on Facebook minutes after this conversation to tell me how much he loves me, and to call me Hormoney Granger. So, thank you to Buster for my new nickname! Or the name of my future infertility-themed Harry Potter ripoff movie.

You would watch it, right??


And for your listening pleasure, The Decemberists with a live version of "Rise to Me":


  1. LOVE that your husband called you Hormoney Granger!!:) I cried the other day when my cat tried to jump up to the couch and didn't quite make it. It was actually quite hilarious...and I started crying? *sigh At this point, my DH almost doesn't even notice it anymore.:) LOVE the name Henry, btw.:)

  2. Great post!! Been there done that, like four times this week! Also glad to have found someone else taking the glamorous prometrium "pills". Love your blog template too! Best wishes!

  3. Ha! Hormoney Granger is the best nickname ever!!!

    My husband and I have many a moment like that and being a lesbian seems sort of appealing. Or at least a sister wife. (I kid. Sort of.)

    I love the name Henry. I love the hope I "hear" in your posts.

  4. I love the title!!!!
    Men just dnt get it sometimes, but he sounds so supportive!!!!
    I can't wait for you to have your et and hopefully meet henry!!
    I love that name btw!

  5. Good luck tomorrow!!! And lol @ Hormoney Granger ehehehehe


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