Monday, November 14, 2011

Meds, hope, and laughter

I had another round of blood work this morning. My clinic called and said that it is looking as though my transfer will be this Friday the 18th. I am to start Estrace (estradiol) and Prometrium (progesterone) suppositories tonight. I started Dexamethasone (steroid) yesterday. And I am to continue on with my baby aspirin.


Hope, or lack thereof, is a constant theme in an infertile's life.

I have written a handful (or more) of posts centered around hope.

And this is yet another.

I have found myself a bit troubled recently. Everyone around me seems to be really excited for my upcoming embryo transfer. More excited than me.

I can't seem to get overly excited. I think I'm just trying to stay grounded. To protect myself.

After explaining that to a friend, she said, "Look at it this way: either way you will be devastated if it doesn't work, so why not be positive and hopeful?"


So, I'm going to allow myself to get excited. Why the hell not, right?


In other IVF-related news, I am planning to laugh a lot this weekend.

Many of you may have seen this story which describes a study in which laughter increased the chances of pregnancy for IVF patients.

It's only one study, so who knows the legitimacy of the claim.

But... hey, it can't hurt, right?

My new favorite obsession is The Big Bang Theory. Not sure why it took me years to finally watch this show. Well, actually, I do know. I was put off by Darlene and David (from Roseanne) being on a show together. That's been done! I didn't want to see it again.

Well, the skeptic in me has been shown the light. This show is hilarious. I love all of the video game references and just general nerdiness of the show.

Rarely do network TV comedies reduce me to fits of laughter. And I have HBO to thank for that (RIP Flight of the Conchords).

The Big Bang Theory has broken the trend, thankfully.

So today I purchased the first three seasons on DVD. I plan to laugh my ass off this weekend.


  1. We found Big Bang Theory about a year ago. Netflixed the whole series and got caught up. Great show!

  2. I too love Big Bang Theory and found it last year about this time. I can watch some of the episodes over and over. It's one of those shows where you catch a little more each time you watch.

  3. Good Luck with everything :) It's coming up quickly!!! And, I LOVE the Big Bang Theory too :) Funny, witty and different :)

  4. Someone gave me the same lecture on embracing this pregnancy and it really is true that worrying and not "getting attached" isn't going to help me feel better if anything goes wrong. We have wise friends! How long are you on the dex? Are you also getting intralipid infusions or is the dex to down regulate anti phospholipid antibodys? Now I'm interested and I'm going to have to go back and find your post about your follow up with Dr. Sher.

  5. I love Big Bang Theory! Have you seen the episode with Sheldon in the ball pit yet? That one always makes me laugh until I cry!

  6. Laughter sure can't hurt! Everything crossed for you!

    I have yet to see BBT, I think I may have to check it out now :)


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