Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well, I still hate my former RE

This morning I had a monitoring appointment. In case you are new to my blog, or have forgotten, I go to my former RE's office for monitoring. He is the only RE in town, and even though I have to pay for the appointments, it's cheaper than flying or driving to NYC.

Recently my appointments have been going well. Little to no awkwardness and quick (minus the initial monitoring appointment, that is...). Just the way I like them!

Today, while waiting pantsless on the table for my doctor to enter the room, I had a daydream. I envisioned myself happily writing a thank-you note to my former RE's office, after I had given birth to my baby. In this note, I would thank them for their support during my IVF cycle at another clinic. I would mention that I know it was an atypical situation, but that I appreciate them working with me and helping to make my dreams come true. I would include a photo or birth announcement of my baby, and maybe they could add it to their wall of babies.

I always seem to jinx myself.

In walks my former RE, and the new doctor-in-training for the month. My lining was at 7-point-something, and I had a follicle on the left side. As they swung the dildo wand from left to right ovary, pain forced me to wince.

I never have pain during an ultrasound. Even with tons of follicles. Weird. I attributed it to my slightly-full bladder, but who knows if that really had anything to do with it.

I have a couple cysts leftover from last cycle. Perhaps that's where the pain came from? I'm not sure, but my former RE called them corpus luteum cysts.There was also a follicle on my right ovary, along with the cysts.

After the wanding, I got dressed and met my former RE and the doctor-in-training in the consultation room next door.

I sit patiently and nod my head as he goes over the details of last cycle and this cycle, noting important dates and/or information. When he was done, he said (with a hint of snarkiness), "Well, I guess they will do what they will do with this then." ("They" being Alderaan)

Hmm, ok. He's said things like that before, and I just try to let them come in one ear and out the other. I realize maybe he's a bit offended that I'm not doing IVF with him, but come on. Can he really blame me for taking advantage of free IVF treatment? We aren't all earning doctor's wages.

Since this consultation part was so short, I thought I would ask him a question. I'm entitled to ask him a question, right? I mean, I do pay real money for these monitoring appointments. It's not like he is monitoring me out of the kindness of his heart.

"In your IVF cycles with patients, do cysts like these prove problematic? Could it delay transfer?" I asked.

Insert foot into mouth, apparently.

After a brief scathing look, he abruptly says, "Well they do things differently. I can't even begin to tell you how they will proceed."

Oh, thanks for that, jerk off. That's not what I asked! I asked how you would handle the whole cyst thing. I didn't ask you to play clairvoyant here!

I stood up and stormed out in a huff, biting my tongue.

I wanted to say, "Oh, did that question irritate you? Sorry for that, but I do PAY you for these visits. You are still my doctor, are you not? Or at least a doctor that sees me. I apologize if my assuming that you might answer ONE question for me has unleashed all of your apparent pain and agony from me choosing to do IVF at a clinic where I will get $15,000+ of treatments for free. Asshole."

But, I didn't say any of that. The reason being that I might very well need to visit that horrid man once more prior to my frozen embryo transfer.


On a positive note, thank you all for your comments on yesterday's blog post! I really appreciate the book suggestions, as well as the quitting smoking suggestions! I will keep you posted on both fronts.

One book I read recently that I forgot to mention in yesterday's post is Dead Until Dark, the first in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Ugh, bleh and meh!

I decided to give it a shot because I enjoy the show True Blood, which is based off of this book series. Unfortunately, this was just too Sookie-fied. She annoys me in the show, and reading a book written like she talks is horrifying. I got through it, but there were several instances of me rolling my eyes, and lots of complaining to Buster (poor guy!).


I think I am going to start doing a weekly TV Roundup post. I know several of you watch the shows I do, and a weekly TV post may facilitate some interesting conversation on these shows. I hope to start this soon!


And finally, please keep little Jasmine Elise Townsend in your thoughts. Last night's update from Naycee (Jasmine's mother) was:

"Jasmine is struggling still with this infection in her lungs and I am very scared. They are telling me that they are afraid that she is running out of time and I just feel so helpless. Lord God please have mercy and grace on my family and bring her a new heart. I need her and would give anything to see her smile again."

Please feel free to drop by her Facebook page or blog to show some support to her family. I know they could use it right now.


  1. To bad we cant get a refund for bad service sometimes :)

  2. I'm with you on the first of the Sookie novels blowing, but my SIL loaned them to me so I vowed to keep reading for at least one more and they get way better! They start to vear (spelling?) off the path of the show which makes it more interesting too. So, maybe if you're bored you coudl give number 2 a read. If nothing else I will tell you I'm conisiddering naming our bubble after Quinn the waretiger (whom you may never hear of in the show...)

  3. totally frustrating about your old RE- I guess you know how he feels for sure and all questions need to be directed at the new office. hoping for you. I hated the first true blood book too, even though I love the series. Just saw Lindsey's post and now am tempted to keep reading....hmmmmmm

  4. Ugh, I hate him so much, too and I've never even met him. :/

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. UGH what a frickin asshole your RE is. I mean damn dude, suck up your F-ing ego and do you duty as a doctor!! Geezus.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that fantasizes about what to send the RE's office after your child is born. I plan on sending mine a nice big fruit basket :D


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