Friday, January 13, 2012


826 is today's magic number!

That's my beta from yesterday.

According to Betabase, I'm about 20 dpo today.

The last time I had my beta checked I was 24dp6dt, or around 30dpo. And my beta was 11,517. That number seemed so promising.

I go back on the 23rd for another beta draw. I really hope it's much closer to zero.


I had lunch with my grandma today. The one who I was dreading telling about the miscarriage.

We had a very nice lunch. She almost always brings me a little gift each time we get together, and today was no different.

Before I reveal the gift, let's just say that I don't wear that much jewelry. I wear my wedding/engagement rings. And when I wear black or gray (most days, honestly), I rock the ring that Buster gave me for Christmas last year. And some days, I wear earrings. A couple days a week, maybe. And I almost always wear these:

I got them at a Swarovski store in NYC a couple years ago. They were part of an Alice in Wonderland collection. And I love them.

Once every couple of weeks I may wear a necklace. I have a beautiful star pendant Swarovski necklace Buster got me, but I think it clashes with the heart earrings, so I rarely wear it. Too Lucky Charms-ish, ya know?

So that's it. The extent of the jewelry I wear.

Back to my grandmother's gift to me.

It's a Leopard. In bracelet form.

It was very sweet of her, so of course I fawned all over it. It's definitely odd, but it's actually growing on me. I can't imagine I'll wear it often, though. Maybe when we go out for dinner or the movies (pfft... the last movie we saw in a theater was the final HP).


  1. I'm a teacher and I, too, wear hardly any jewelry. The same Tiffany necklace from DH that I wear everyday and never take off, wedding ring and occasionally some stud earrings. I constantly get crazy jewelry from students... akin to your bracelet. : ) It made me smile. At least I hope it makes you smile too or gives you a chuckle. : )

  2. I wanted to stop by and say that I am so sorry you lost your little one. There are so very many women suffering in infertility only to lose what they tried so hard for. I lost my twins at 20 weeks. It was the worst day of my life last October. I am right where you are now, trying to figure out what went wrong and just wanting to be back to normal so I can move on and try to find happiness again. You are surrounded (unfortunately) by many wonderful and understanding women. We are here for each other.
    I hope to continue following and find us both with good news this year...and a take home baby.
    Thinking of you, Alissa (AKA Missconception)-see below link.

  3. i like it. its different - but beautiful!
    i hope your number comes down further soon. you are amazing in your strength, just so you know.

  4. I'm sorry you weren't closer to zero today and I can relate. It took quite a while for my betas to go down after my 2 miscarriages, and I was always disappointed by how high they still were after testing.

    Your "Drowning" post is great and I related to that post-m/c OB appt. I'm so sorry you're going through this.

  5. Sorry that you aren't closer to zero- hope it gets there soon.

    I love the earrings btw, very cute.

  6. I so hope your numbers come down soon. Thinking of you...

  7. Also hoping the number gets to zero soon. I love the bracelet. It sounds like you have an awesome grandma.

  8. Love those earrings and LOVE that ring!!


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