TTC Timeline

Here is our infertility history. Please note that it starts at the bottom, with the most recent happenings up top.

May 2012
After vowing that I would not be testing early, I cracked and POAS on the evening of 4dp6dt. It was very positive. My first beta, taken at 8dp6dt, came back at a lovely 124! Beta #2: 317. Beta #3: 6,298. Beta #4: 32,961. Our very first ultrasound of this pregnancy, done at 7 weeks, went wonderfully! Maybe this is it?

April 2012
Finally have my first normal-length cycle since the miscarriage. Take it as a good sign. Finally have my first normal period since the miscarriage. Take it as a good sign. Ovulate on my normal CD 15/16. Take it as a good sign. Head to NYC for FET #3, with lovely hormone levels and a beautiful lining. Transfer a 6-day expanded blastocyst. Have an amazing weekend in NYC on my own. Hoping FET #3 is THE one...

March 2012
My hCG is finally back to zero, so FET #2 is on! Had a weird cyst on my ovary, but no one thinks it's of any concern (other than me, of course). Freakishly, I ovulate on CD10 (yep). In a flutter of activity, I travel to NYC for FET #2. My progesterone levels are low (11 the day before transfer). My lining was thinner than I hoped (7 point something). I'm stressed, and nothing feels "right". After getting light lines on HPTs for several days, my first beta comes back at 1.6. Stop all meds, wait for period. Cry.

February 2012

Wrestle with my demons. Try to stay positive, hoping that my levels will be back to normal. Find out they are not, and no FET will be happening this month. Finally receive the results from the testing performed on my "products of conception" and discover that my miscarriage was due to a chromosomal abnormality called Monosomy X (or Turner Syndrome).

January 2012

Find out at our 9-week ultrasound appointment that our baby no longer had a heartbeat. World crumbling ensued. After 4+ years of battling infertility, we had our first and only pregnancy taken from us. The new year has not gotten off to a good start. Had a D&C. Struggling to cope breathe exist.

December 2011

We.Are.Pregnant! Never thought this would happen, but it did. Beta 1, 2, 3 & 4 all prove it, as well as our 7-week & 8-week ultrasounds. Best Christmas ever.

November 2011
FET #1 on 11/18/11. In the midst of the longest 1WW evah! Beta scheduled for 11/25/11, aka Black Friday...  

October 2011
After Clomid + low dose stims in the form of Follistim + Ovidrel hCG trigger shot, I had my egg retrieval. 11 eggs retrieved, 10 were mature, and all 10 were fertilized via ICSI. At the end of 7 days of growing, we have four frozen embryos! FET here we come!

September 2011
Make trips to the NYC clinic on CD3 and CD21, and are officially accepted into the study!! I draw the Mini IVF arm of the study, and start BCP.

August 2011
I learn of an IVF clinical trial in NYC. I apply. We are preliminarily accepted based on our medical histories.

June/July/August 2011
"Break" from TTC. Still "doing it" around O time, but not ever expecting anything out of it. I lose some weight. We go to the beach. Talk about IVF options. Tentatively plan IVF, but then realize that unless we start shitting out money, there is no way we can afford it right now.

May 2011
Follow up consult with Dr. Sher. Receive diagnosis of elevated natural killer cells and antiphospholipid antibodies.

April 2011
Phone consult with Dr. Sher. Immune testing lab orders sent to me, and blood work done.

Menopur + Follistim + 8 mature follicles + hCG trigger + CANCELED IUI = BFN

Bravelle + hCG trigger + IUI = BFN (shocking...)

February 2011
Bravelle 150iu CD3-6, Bravelle 75iu CD7-10. 2 mature follies! Trigger + IUI = BFN

January 2011
Femara 5mg + IUI = BFN

December 2010
Month off from temping and Clomid. Hoping to start 2011 off with a successful IUI!

November 2010 
Another Clomid 50mg cycle

October 2010
Starting back on Clomid 50mg! - BFN :(

August 2010
LEEP procedure, taking one cycle off from TTC

May 2010
Made an appointment with a new OBGYN. I discussed my fertility concerns with her. She tells me there are 4 main causes of infertility: male factor, blocked tubes, no ovulating and endo/pcos. We have been cleared of 3 of the 4, and I have no symptoms of endo or PCOS. She recommends me taking Metformin for a while before jumping into Clomid again.

April 2010
After the IUI/Clomid cycle, we decided to go back to natural cycles.

March 2010
First round of Clomid (50mg) and an IUI. My husband's sample for the IUI was wonderful! 97% motility and 120 million spermies post-wash. BFN :(

February 2010
Saw an RE for the first time. Had ultrasounds and an HSG. On one of the first ultrasounds, they spotted the corpus luteum, which shows that I ovulated. The HSG came back clear - no blockages in these tubes!

Fall of 2009
Concerned because we had not yet become pregnant, I scheduled a semen analysis for my husband. I was still a rookie when it comes to most things TTC at this point, and my gynecologist told me the results were good. I did not think to ask about anything specific. During this time I also asked her if there was anything she could tell that would prevent me from having children. She said no, but did not recommend any testing.

June 2008


August 2007
Became engaged to my best friend, and we decided to start trying TTC. It was more of an uneducated NTNP (not trying/not preventing).


  1. Hi from ICLW!

    We too are looking into IVF but funding is another story...just wondering how you found your clinical trial?

    Fingers crossed for a good BETA for you tomorrow

  2. Ahhh another New Hope girl! There are thousands of us, I knew I would find one eventually. Your son is so beautiful. Here's hoping I can be just as happy in 9 months... our FET is on Thursday. Yikes!


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